Downtown Relief Line – can we be serious please

One of the major issues coming soon to Toronto, is that the Yonge line will finally be so over-saturated that a transfer from Bloor at Yonge will be very nearly impossible.  You cannot actually just keep expanding capacity on Yonge to meet demand.

One of the core concepts that drives Scarborough Subway extension advocates, is connecting Scarborough to rest of Toronto with the same technology.  Well how valuable is that connection, if you cannot actually get to the most common destination, the Financial District using it?  The politics surrounding the “unfair” treatment of Scarborough have gotten out of control, and we are now at the point that a line that will serve riders from that area, cannot even be discussed because it has the word “downtown” in it.  Transit needs to be about serving riders in the most effective manner possible.  Effective means, reliable, time and cost efficient.

Subway in Scarborough is not about good transit design, but the politics of inclusion, which are misplaced, and artificial.  People really want quick and effective transit to their destination, and some believe subway is exactly that.  When you ask the question if they want the equivalent number of dollars of LRT, they opt for LRT.

However, for the DRL, this is another problem.  There are only a handful of people for whom DRL will serve soon.  These people live along the line, and they are not terribly politically active.  However, when the time comes that Yonge line reaches full load north of Bloor, or even gets very close, what then.  Growth on the Danforth line is nothing but an issue is it not?

Voters of the city, need to take a hard look at how the network operates, where riders are going and how they get there.  Then start to look at the city and subway as a network, not just their own station.  There is no point to having a station closer to you, if you cannot actually use the subway to get where you need to go.


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